The Orange Taxpayers Association is an organization that has been protecting taxpayers from unnecessary taxes – and advocating for government efficiency.

Founded in 2011, the Orange Taxpayers Association is one of big 3 taxpayers associations in Seoul representing local and foreign taxpayers. Orange is based in Seoul with a branch of Geoje/Ulsan assisting taxpayers all of the country working at ship yards ore related. Established as a governement certified association, Orange has a dual mission to guard against unnecessary taxation and to promote government efficiency.

Orange welcomes anybody to be an association member who get income from a compnay outside of Korea. Currently more than 800 taxpayers from all over the world have joined, paid taxes and be guided on the tax climate here in Korea through Orange.

Membership in Orange Taxpayer Association includes:

5 percent tax deduction of the calculated income tax if you pay with progressive rate tax.
The fastest, most complete early warning coverage of tax policy developments available anywhere for Korea.
The most experienced and respected tax advocacy staff in Korea, all working to protect your hard-earned money.
Fact-finding policy research on significant tax and spending issues.
Defending taxpayers in legislative, tax agency, judicial, and local government tax policy deliberations.
Year-end tax settlement for free.

Please visit How to Join to get a membership. It is just simple and easy.